Delayed Diagnosis of Cancer & Missed Diagnosis Cancer

Delayed Diagnosis of Cancer

Delayed Diagnosis of Cancer

Delayed diagnosis of cancer and misdiagnosis of cancer can have devastating consequences for both you and your loved ones. Cancer progresses in stages and early detection of cancer is the key to the best chance of survival. If there is a delay in diagnosis of cancer the cancer may progress to the next stage. When there is a mistake detecting your cancer, your symptoms might be diagnosed too late. This could cause the cancer to be more difficult to treat.

Medical Negligence & Missed Diagnosis of Cancer Claims

Our medical negligence solicitors in Limerick have handled many cancer negligence cases relating to the misdiagnosis, mistreatment or delay in the diagnosis of cancer, particularly breast cancer.

Mistakes leading to delay can include:

• X-rays and scans were misinterpreted
• Tissue samples and smears were wrongly interpreted by pathologists
• Adequate investigation or referrals were not carried out

We can help if you have suffered as a result of delayed diagnosis of:
Breast cancer
Bowel cancer
Cervical cancer
• Lung cancer
• Ovarian Cancer
Pancreatic Cancer
• Prostate Cancer
• Melanoma (skin cancer)
• Testicular cancer

Delayed Diagnosis of Cancer

Our experience gives us an insight into the fear and anger experienced by people whose diagnosis has been missed. Time is crucial to give the best opportunity to make a recovery. Your case will be dealt with by a dedicated specialist who will look after your case alone and expertly guide you through the process whether this means, getting an apology, an explanation or securing compensation.

If you or your loved one has suffered as a result of missed diagnosis of cancer or medical negligence, please contact us today on our Contact Us page or speak with Melanie Power direct on

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