Surgery Claims

Surgery Negligence Claims

We all know that surgical procedures carry risks.  You are entitled to be fully informed of these risks before deciding to go ahead with the procedure. While most operations go to plan, sometimes mistakes are made during the procedure leading to a longer recovery and possibly the need for further operations.

Surgical Negligence and Medical Negligence Claims

Surgical negligence claims include

  • Negligent eye surgery/ negligent laser eye surgery
  • Negligent Hip replacement
  • Negligent Knee replacement
  • Injury or perforation to bowel, bladder or other organs
  • Negligent laparoscopic procedure
  • Negligent cholecystectomy
  • Negligent hysterectomy

Proving your case of Negligent Surgery

If  you have suffered an injury, pain, discomfort or serious long-lasting health problems following surgery you may be able to bring a claim for medical negligence. If you want to discuss this further, please contact Melanie Power direct on 061 513 055 or email our medical negligence team on [email protected].



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