Cosmetic Surgery Claims

Doctors with no qualification in surgery perform surgery; beauticians with no medical training, perform medical procedures.

Cosmetic Surgery is the only medical procedures linked with glamorous advertising campaigns and discounted prices. Such advertising can trick people into believing they are in good hands.

What people don’t know is that there is no such qualification as “cosmetic doctor” or “cosmetic surgeon”. Any business providing cosmetic surgery using these terms should ring alarm bells. Standards among providers vary hugely and problems often come to light when it is too late.

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery

Medical negligence arising from negligent cosmetic surgery is common. The industry is unregulated; Doctors with no qualification in surgery perform surgery; beauticians with no medical training,  perform medical procedures. It is not surprising that people are being permanently disfigured by this unscrupulous industry.

Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Negligence

The Medical Council of Ireland has no control over cosmetic clinics in Ireland. There is no legislation in place to regulate them.

Injuries from cosmetic surgery and cosmetic procedures are well known. Celebrities who have fallen victim to a dodgy procedure are well known. Leslie Ash, once known for her good looks, is now more famous for her botched cosmetic procedure. She has used her fame to raise awareness of botched cosmetic procedures.

Newspapers frequently cover the horrific stories of people who underwent cosmetic surgery to improve a minor issue, only to end up with a nightmarish result. Negligently performed cosmetic procedures include

  • breast augmentation
  • breast reduction
  • botox injections
  • fillers
  • rhinoplasty better known as nose jobs

Proving Your Case for Medical Negligence

If you or your loved one has suffered suffering as a result of a cosmetic procedure and feel this may be due to medical negligence, please contact Melanie Power direct on 061 513 055 or email our medical negligence solicitors on [email protected].

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