Orthopaedic Injury

Orthopaedic injuries are a common occurrence and with the right help, bones heal and function as normal. Our busy A & E departments though can sometimes make mistakes and a simple injury can turn into a lifelong disability.

Medical Negligence and Orthopaedic Injuries

Negligent treatment of orthopaedic injuries includes a failure to diagnose, manage and treat a fracture correctly. While some missed fractures can heal quite well, in other cases, undiagnosed fractures can lead to the joint requiring fusion or even chronic pain.

Compartment Syndrome is a particularly awful complication of a fractured limb. It is a surgical emergency that can lead to the death of tissue and amputation. A & E staff are specially trained to identify the symptoms of compartment syndrome as just a few hours can be the difference between losing the limb and complete recovery. Delays in diagnosing compartment syndrome can be devastating for the patient.

Negligent treatment of orthopaedic injuries also include the management of shoulder injuries, misdiagnosed slipped femoral epiphysis, poorly managed hip replacements or knee operations.

Medical Negligence and Orthopaedic Injuries Claims

If you or your loved one has suffered an orthopaedic injury through an accident or medical negligence, please contact Melanie Power direct on 061 513 055 or email our medical negligence solicitors on [email protected].

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