Dental Negligence Claims

Dental Negligence claims in Ireland arise when a dentist makes a mistake when providing dental treatment. Mistakes by dentists may results in additional pain, dental procedures to solve the problem as well as the added expense of costly dental treatment.
Dental Negligence Claim

Dental Negligence Claim

Dental negligence claims succeed when it can be shown that the mistake caused you to suffer additional injury. You may require additional dental treatment to fix the mistake or in some cases you may be left with permanent problems such as neuralgia, dentures or even a delay in diagnosing oral cancer.  Examples of dental negligence include:

  • Delayed or incorrect diagnosis of gum disease or oral cancers
  • Negligent root canal treatment
  • Oral nerve damage
  • Incorrect teeth extraction
  • Improper administration of anaesthetics
  • Poor orthodontic care
  • Poor standard of restorative surgery including veneers

 Proving your Dental Negligence Claim

Dental injury claims require professionalism, specialist legal and medical knowledge. We have dealt with numerous cases against dentists and can advise you on this complex area of law.

In 2011, the High Court awarded €255,000 to the Plaintiff due to dental negligence.  The court found that the dentist was not qualified to undertake orthodontic procedures. Ms Hammond suffered unbearable pain for over 13 years as a result of the dental negligence. Also, further surgery was required to rectify the dental problems.

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