No Win No Fee Ads- BEWARE!

 No Win No Fee? 100% Success Rate?

Google Personal Injury Claims and hundreds of sites appear which promise 100% No Win No Fee, 100% success rate. Who runs these sites and where are they based?

In general, these are claims harvesting websites rather than personal injury solicitors. Beware! Often these sites do not say who operates the service. People have no way of knowing who or where in the world the site operator is. People provide personal details including date of birth and accident details. Worst case scenario, they will use your details for identity theft and fraud. Best case scenario, they will sell your details to a solicitor in Ireland…why would that be a case for concern I hear you ask? Read on to find out the facts.

 No Win No Fee Ads? What’s the problem?

No win no fee arrangements are common in Ireland. The majority of personal injury claims are run on this basis- Ask your local solicitor!
The Irish Law Society forbids a solicitor in Ireland to advertise No Win No Fee arrangements. Most solicitors offer this arrangement but they cannot advertise this fact. Irish solicitors have strict advertising rules especially in personal injury claims. This is to stop an “ambulance chasing culture” in Ireland although some say it is here anyway!
Sites who advertise NO WIN NO FEE claims show no regard for the rules. Proceed with caution with such solicitors. Who knows what other rules they may choose to break? It may be too late for you by the time you find out.
Our advice:
AVOID Claims harvesting websites,
AVOID solicitors advertising No Win No Fee arrangements. 
KNOW who you are providing personal details to. 
CONTACT your local solicitor first
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