The “Tache Crash”-Movember dead & gone?

November: The Month That Reminds Us About Prostate Cancer Awareness And Its Serious Effects

Brace yourselves, November has come. And where has the whole moustache vibe gone? Its seems is it a dying trend. The “Tache Crash” is what some people are calling it! The moustache is not what Movember is all about- it has a greater and deeper meaning. November is a month that is accredited to the awareness of prostate cancer. While the  moustache trend is dying, we hope that the awareness continues.

What is prostate cancer?

In case you have never heard about it, prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in men in Ireland, right after skin cancer.  There is no national screening program so it is up to menfolk to present themselves at their GP and ask for testing.  A tall order when you consider the facts:

  • 3,300 men in Ireland are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year.
  • Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of death from cancer in men in the world.
  • Most prostate cancers are in men over 50 years of age

How is it detected and what happens when it’s not detected?

The number one indicator for prostate cancer is a change in urinary patterns. Any one with amore frequent urination, a weaker flow of urine than usual or difficulty passing urine, should go to their GP for testing.

Prostate cancer can be detected by a digital rectal exam, where the doctor inserts a gloved and lubricated finger in the patient’s rectum to examine the prostate.  It may not be your ideal way of spending some free time, but for the sake of a few minutes and a little discomfort- but it could be the difference between life and death. Early detection of cancer is the key to survival. A PSA blood test can also be used and where cancer is suspected, medical staff carry out several tests to confirm the diagnosis.

If left untreated, prostate cancer spreads slowly, affecting the bladder or rectum and advancing into a more complicated stage month by month and year by year.

Medical Negligence & Prostate Cancer

Early detection of cancer is the key to survival. Detecting a cancer early can be the difference between life and death. I have previously dealt with a case where a patient complained to his doctor of trouble urinating. He was given a course of antibiotics. Again several months later, he attended his GP with the same problem. Again his GP, did not carry out any prostate checks. After two years of this urinary problem, finally he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The two year delay meant the cancer had spread. Radical treatment was required and this gentleman ended up with a colostomy bag for life. This would not have been the case if the cancer was detected at the first appointment.

Have you been diagnosed with prostate cancer – or any other type?

A diagnosis of cancer at any stage is gut wrenching for anyone. When a diagnosis is missed, this adds to the fear, anger and frustration. Time is crucial to give the best opportunity to make a recovery. We have experience is dealing with these types of complaints and can guide you through the process to either get an apology, an explanation or by obtaining compensation.

If you have concerns about your care and prostate cancer or you would like some professional advice on medical negligence, contact Melanie Power right now, by dialing 061 513 055 or by email at [email protected]